Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Vent, Vent- Plans are out the window!

Some of you know that I have had 2 UTI infections, well....not necessarily 2, but one really long one that wouldn't clear up. Today, I went to the doctor for my 33 week check-up. He checked my urine again and found a large amount of ....I think he said, white blood cells. He claimed that was sometimes due to a baby being really low. He wanted to do a physical exam just to make sure all was okay. He found that the baby had already descended and I had dilated to a one.

Again, if you know me, a one is nothing. I am usually dilated to a 4 by now and on medication to ward off labor, so this was no big deal. However, what concerned him this time was how low the baby was. He did a test that will determine if I am high risk for early delivery and ordered me on partial bed rest....no marital relations etc... Of which I laughed my head off. Aaron will probably cry his head off.

I have had these test before. Many times, the test come back positive and I go on light bed rest and medication. My labor usually stays off until 38 weeks, so I am not overly concerned. Although Bailey, the little stinker, was 6 weeks early. I guess the plain of action is, that if the test come back positive, he will start treatment to help the lungs mature.

I am a nervous wreck. Why? All my nesting and nice/neat plans are out the window for the next few weeks. Dance Recital....I am a teacher and 3 kids are in several numbers. Last days of school for some. Year around for others. We are in the middle of construction. My kids are sleeping...all 6, in two rooms....with furniture from the rooms that are being worked on surrounding them. The furniture that won't fit in the rooms are scattered in my house and garage. BLOWN UP! TOW-UP!

The sheet rock will be done this week. The goal was after that: onto painting the walls and floors. After that, I was hoping to move the kids into different sleeping rooms helping each one get organized and FINALLY, but up a crib. Did I mention that the crib has to be painted? And hello, I sold everything at the last garage sell. Not that pink would work for the only boy in the family.

My question is: How in the world is all of this going to get done to my standard, while taking it easy? It isn't. And only a man doctor would suggest that I do so. LOL! All plans are out the window for the next few weeks. I now must focus on the health of this baby by allowing him to stay snug for a few extra weeks; weather that be 36 weeks of 38 weeks. And if projects don't get done, oh well!

Yes, this goes against all that I am. And yes, I am a proud perfectionist to some extent. At least in my home. With such a large family, I thrive on order and organization. I would go insane if I didn't. And come on, even if you aren't a perfectionist, who doesn't want to bring a new baby home to a nice, neat, organized home? Not a construction war zone!!!! It may be weeks before you have the energy to tackle projects.

So my plea to you!?? I don't need meals or help cleaning. What I could use more is a constant reminder that once the baby is born, my world will become more organized and best of all, I won't have this huge belly to work around. Right? Just let it go!

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Leslie said...

Oh Michelle! I am sorry. I actually cried as I read this post because it brought back so many feelings that I experienced when I was pregnant this last time with Hyrum. I WISH , WISH that I was there to help you get it all done!

To our mutual friends out there that may read this! HELP MICHELLE!! Like she said, not with meals....with "construction"!! Y'all know you know how to paint and organize!

LOVE YOU M! Keep your feet up.