Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Homemade Cinnamon Rolls

The smells and taste of childhood are the ties that bind, atleast to me that is! I have many fond memories in the kitchen of my mother and grandmother. I think that is why my children and I love to be in the kitchen. We have often lived away from family and many dishes take us back to wonderful memories. When Aaron's mom came down recently, one of the things that she taught the girls was how to make cinnamon rolls and breadsticks. I have to say, this recipe calls for pudding mix and is the best that I have ever had! The girls did a wonderful job and made them several times while she was here. Great memories they will cherish forever! Let's just hope the weight I gained while eating them won't stick around as long.


Leslie said...

MMMM! Did those have raisins in them?? I LOVE cinnamon rolls with plump and juicy raisins in them. I would love the pudding added recipe! Miss you Michelle!

The Jonesies said...

Those cinnamon rolls are bigger than mine were. They must have rolled them better than I did. It's such an easy recipe and the pudding does make all the difference. Glad you had fun with them.