Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Love That Goofy Smile!!

Okay, I have been up since 5 a.m. with this little turkey. He won't go back to sleep. The morning was hetic, because all the kids were back in school and buses were running. Today was to be my turn to have 2 hours durning lunch time to myself. Aaron was going to come home and watch the kids. With the fussy baby and hetic morning rush, I completly forgot about my fun day out. I looked like death. Hair stuck up, workout outfit etc.. I am sure you get the picture. There was no way I could get ready, so I asked Aaron to take Emerson to McDonalds and I would try to get the baby down. Worn out, I asked the baby why he was doing this to me? Here was his reply, several times! In fact, he smiled so many times, I was able to get the camera and take it while holding him. Okay, it isn't the most attractive picture of him. It is way too close up and he looks distorted, but the SMILE! Enought to melt this tired momma's heart. He settled down at 12 noon for me. Emerson is napping, all kids are in school, and I have had 2 hours to blog! Life is great.

Emerson's Goes To Ballet

Emerson turned two March 22 of this year. She cries most of the time when the older girls get ready for dance and leave her behind. This year, KDA, offered a 2/3 ballet/tap/creative movement class. She was so excited to go. Ms. Amy picked her up and took her along with her friend Faith. The pictures are of Emerson in her dance attire. There is also a picture of how worn out she was during her lunch!

Back To School in Arkansas

This year is special for the Jones Family, because Payton will be turning 5 and is starting school! Five down and 2 to go! Whoohoo!Payton is very excited to attend school with her big sisters, Carson and Camryn. Carson is in the 4th grade and Camryn is in the 3rd. Payton couldn't wait to get her school supplies and backpack! Oh, and to get dolled up like her sisters.

Payton's older sisters spent an evening pampering Payton by rolling her hair in sponge rollers. Remember those? They also painted her nails and toes! She loved it. The next day, Payton had the chance to meet her teacher before school actually started. She has Mrs. Lawrence. I think we are going to like her.

Getting the kids to bed early, while it was still light out was a challenge. Sad to say we didn't make it. Getting the kids up early to get ready with a newborn was even more so challenging. Glad to say we made it and were on time! I took some pictures of Payton being pampered, her day getting ready to meet her teacher and the girls leaving for the first day of school. There will be one picture of Emerson, who is 2, slightly naked. Well, more than naked, as she is only in a diaper. Hey, I could only managed to do so much that morning. Her feelings were hurt that she was not getting her picture taken, so to sooth her, I took a picture of her in her diaper. Later that day, I took a picture of her in a dress with her hair done...just to prove that I do dress her!

Oh and by the way, Payton is very head strong and self-assured. She has turned a ticket and gone off green to yellow, which is a verbal warning, 4 out of the 6 days! She loves to run her mouth! We are working on that and are proud to report, that after several days of not playing, she is back on green.