Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Finally, A Project Name!

I am so glad to finally have a project name for this new baby! The problem is that we liked many names, but could only agree on a few. Some of the names in the running were family names like: Banks, Tait (Tate), Hunt, Parks, etc... After a long 28 hour RT car ride to Alabama and back...yes, we used the Atlas for names....we have settled on:

Aaron Weston Jones- he will be named after my brother and husband. We will call him Weston.

Only a few more weeks!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Test results are negative

Okay, after 2 long days, I finally got my test results back. Negative! So, what does that mean? It means that there is a good chance that I will not go into labor during the next 2 weeks. It doesn't mean that I won't after that. Which is no big deal to me, because my goals is to get to 36 weeks and I am all good after that. This test just gives me peace of mind. The doctor just told me to take it easy, stay down as much as possible with legs propped up...yea, right. Not being on strict bedrest is huge to me, because there is no way that I can stay completly down with all of these children. Taking it easy, I think I can manage that.

I had 2 great sisters from church, Sister Graham and Sister Homer that stopped by today. I was caught off guard and they can honestly tell you that I was really resting!!! My house didn't look so good and neither did I. Emerson had on just a diaper. While checking on me, my VT's showed up as well. It is so nice to know that programs in our church work for those of us who don't have family nearby. I can honestly say, that should I have been placed on complete bed rest, I know my family would have been taken care of. Thank you all so much! By the way, Corrie, my kitchen sink was clean, floor was swept and the Stainless Dishwasher was wiped down! Not to mention the fact that you saved Emerson from a huge diaper mistake. Little Emerson was tying to do her part by changing her own diaper. Corrie said she even had all of her stuff and a towel ready....the poopy diaper was off and caught just in time!!!!

Thanks guys so much!. You know, I honestly belive that this little boy took 17 years to get here, I am not so convinced that he is going to come any earlier. I teased the doctor about him having to force him out of the womb! Little Stinker!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Vent, Vent- Plans are out the window!

Some of you know that I have had 2 UTI infections, well....not necessarily 2, but one really long one that wouldn't clear up. Today, I went to the doctor for my 33 week check-up. He checked my urine again and found a large amount of ....I think he said, white blood cells. He claimed that was sometimes due to a baby being really low. He wanted to do a physical exam just to make sure all was okay. He found that the baby had already descended and I had dilated to a one.

Again, if you know me, a one is nothing. I am usually dilated to a 4 by now and on medication to ward off labor, so this was no big deal. However, what concerned him this time was how low the baby was. He did a test that will determine if I am high risk for early delivery and ordered me on partial bed marital relations etc... Of which I laughed my head off. Aaron will probably cry his head off.

I have had these test before. Many times, the test come back positive and I go on light bed rest and medication. My labor usually stays off until 38 weeks, so I am not overly concerned. Although Bailey, the little stinker, was 6 weeks early. I guess the plain of action is, that if the test come back positive, he will start treatment to help the lungs mature.

I am a nervous wreck. Why? All my nesting and nice/neat plans are out the window for the next few weeks. Dance Recital....I am a teacher and 3 kids are in several numbers. Last days of school for some. Year around for others. We are in the middle of construction. My kids are sleeping...all 6, in two rooms....with furniture from the rooms that are being worked on surrounding them. The furniture that won't fit in the rooms are scattered in my house and garage. BLOWN UP! TOW-UP!

The sheet rock will be done this week. The goal was after that: onto painting the walls and floors. After that, I was hoping to move the kids into different sleeping rooms helping each one get organized and FINALLY, but up a crib. Did I mention that the crib has to be painted? And hello, I sold everything at the last garage sell. Not that pink would work for the only boy in the family.

My question is: How in the world is all of this going to get done to my standard, while taking it easy? It isn't. And only a man doctor would suggest that I do so. LOL! All plans are out the window for the next few weeks. I now must focus on the health of this baby by allowing him to stay snug for a few extra weeks; weather that be 36 weeks of 38 weeks. And if projects don't get done, oh well!

Yes, this goes against all that I am. And yes, I am a proud perfectionist to some extent. At least in my home. With such a large family, I thrive on order and organization. I would go insane if I didn't. And come on, even if you aren't a perfectionist, who doesn't want to bring a new baby home to a nice, neat, organized home? Not a construction war zone!!!! It may be weeks before you have the energy to tackle projects.

So my plea to you!?? I don't need meals or help cleaning. What I could use more is a constant reminder that once the baby is born, my world will become more organized and best of all, I won't have this huge belly to work around. Right? Just let it go!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Soaking Up The Sun

Many of you who live in NWA, know exactly how much rain we have had for the last 3 weeks. My kids have been stir-crazy inside and I have wanted to get on my broom and ride. This week, Carson and Camryn are out of school (year round) and have had a few days without rain to soak up some good old fashioned Vitiman-D.
I managed to get a few shots of them to prove to people that we still get sun in NW Arkansas.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Homemade Cinnamon Rolls

The smells and taste of childhood are the ties that bind, atleast to me that is! I have many fond memories in the kitchen of my mother and grandmother. I think that is why my children and I love to be in the kitchen. We have often lived away from family and many dishes take us back to wonderful memories. When Aaron's mom came down recently, one of the things that she taught the girls was how to make cinnamon rolls and breadsticks. I have to say, this recipe calls for pudding mix and is the best that I have ever had! The girls did a wonderful job and made them several times while she was here. Great memories they will cherish forever! Let's just hope the weight I gained while eating them won't stick around as long.

Preparing Our Summer Garden

Every year, our family looks forward to the harvest from our garden. We love to bottle, freeze and best of all, eat the wonderful food we have grown. Last year, I had Aaron build several beds that we could grow tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, zuccini, bell peppers, peas, etc... We even have a strawberry patch and a wonderful herb garden. Yes, I make jam and bottled salsa. Call me crazy!

I also grew up in the lower south where parents belived that if you were going to watch TV in the summer, you had better be doing something!!! I have shelled many hampers of beans and peas, not to mention creamed truck loads of corn. All of which, I hated as a youth, but have come to really appreciate the valuable lessons that I learned. And for those of you who are wondering what a hamper can google it or ask me!

My girls seem to appreciate the garden much more than I did growing up. The girls always have fun helping their dad till the soil. I mean, who needs a tiller when you have 6 kids right? So, while Grandma and Grandpa Jones were here, the family spent a few hours preparing the soil.

I can't wait to post pictures of how our garden will grow.

Happy Mother's Day!

Okay, I had a fence built by my husband when we moved in a year ago. It only took 2 days. However, the gate was never done. Hmmm? This 12 foot drive gate is a huge project that Aaron has put off long enough.
When asked what it was I wanted for Mothers Day, I didn't have to think long! I wanted a gate to keep the kids locked in the back yard. It is a little embarassing when your two year-old's favorite hobbie is knocking on the police officers house next door. I knew with the baby comming, she would seize every opportunity to sneak off that she could.
After two days of construction, hammerdrilling the concret etc... My gate is done. Well almost, we need to add the caps to the post and stain the fence. Don't even think about it as my Mothers Day next year. LOL!

Baby Boy Jones-Blessing Outfit

I was so excited to find this! Most of you know, I am as southern as they come and love dressing my girls in smocked clothing for church. What was I to do with a boy? I had been to several boutique stores in the area looking for something soft and sweet. I found many things that I loved, but refused to pay the 100-150$ price. I found this on ebay! It is new, has the tags on, 25$ and free shipping to boot! I am so excited!

Monday, May 11, 2009

A Sad Meal

We have been so lucky to have Aaron's mom and dad come out for a two week visit. In August, it would have been two years, since we have seen them. The kids were so excited. The older girls learned to make cinnamon rolls and breadsticks. The breads were wonderful! I will post pictures of that later.

I have been very sick with this little baby and haven't gotten out much. I haven't felt like cooking much either, which if you know anything about me, is one of my favorite things to do. It felt like such a chore to think about a menu for each day, while they were here. You know, it is like deciding what to eat when you have a cold. Ick!

Anyway, we were on our way home when Grandma Jones offered to buy the two youngest, Payton and Emerson, McDonalds. I ordered for them.....hamburger, french fries and apple pies. When we got home, Payton wanted to know where her toy was. I told her that this wasn't a Happymeal, to which she quickly replied, "Well, what is it? A sad meal?" Priceless.