Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Test results are negative

Okay, after 2 long days, I finally got my test results back. Negative! So, what does that mean? It means that there is a good chance that I will not go into labor during the next 2 weeks. It doesn't mean that I won't after that. Which is no big deal to me, because my goals is to get to 36 weeks and I am all good after that. This test just gives me peace of mind. The doctor just told me to take it easy, stay down as much as possible with legs propped up...yea, right. Not being on strict bedrest is huge to me, because there is no way that I can stay completly down with all of these children. Taking it easy, I think I can manage that.

I had 2 great sisters from church, Sister Graham and Sister Homer that stopped by today. I was caught off guard and they can honestly tell you that I was really resting!!! My house didn't look so good and neither did I. Emerson had on just a diaper. While checking on me, my VT's showed up as well. It is so nice to know that programs in our church work for those of us who don't have family nearby. I can honestly say, that should I have been placed on complete bed rest, I know my family would have been taken care of. Thank you all so much! By the way, Corrie, my kitchen sink was clean, floor was swept and the Stainless Dishwasher was wiped down! Not to mention the fact that you saved Emerson from a huge diaper mistake. Little Emerson was tying to do her part by changing her own diaper. Corrie said she even had all of her stuff and a towel ready....the poopy diaper was off and caught just in time!!!!

Thanks guys so much!. You know, I honestly belive that this little boy took 17 years to get here, I am not so convinced that he is going to come any earlier. I teased the doctor about him having to force him out of the womb! Little Stinker!


David and Cori said...

So glad that things look safe for now. Please let me watch the girls though and help with painting. I can take the girls next Tuesday or Thursday after 10:30 and keep them as long as you need me to. Let me know if that works for you.

Leslie said...

happy to hear that the results were negative. I am even more happy to hear that friends are there taking care of you. Sigh. Wish I were there to help as well! BTW- Cori is THE BEST painter. She painted about half of my last house (mostly by herself)! She loves to paint!