Thursday, September 24, 2009

JOB OFFER-Orthodontist Needed

Wanted: One single, good looking, return missionary who will graduate within the next 6 years, to marry my oldest daughter, and set up a local practice near her father, Aaron Jones. Will provide room and board until household is established. Can not live outside of the area! In exchange for services, I will allow you to practice orthodontia, at no charge to me of course, on my 6 children, in exchange for public relations work the 6 children will perform during photo op's and commercials, in efforts to ensure a successful practice for you.

Okay, seriously, I am only joking, but aren't dreams what make the world go around, and wouldn't that be nice? LOL. As I took Bailey to get her braces off today, it got me thinking, HELLO! I have 6 more children to go, so don't break out the chocolates yet. It also made me slightly nauseous, thinking about the cost. Not adding inflation, nor special appliances or teeth extractions prior to braces, I will have spent approximately $40,000 on braces alone. Granted, some of my children will be in them for at least 3 years, so cost are a little higher than some other patients. Again, that does not reflect inflation as the last child will not need them for at least 12-14 years.

Do you know how much gas was or a diet-coke 14 years ago? Well, in 1995, the year my second oldest Hayden was born, gas was $1.16 and a Diet-Coke was .59 cents. I could by almost 2 Happy Hour drinks at that price! Happy, Happy, Happy!

I wonder why God didn't just send us down here with all of our teeth, and while he was at it, make them straight? Seriously, why must some be born with beautiful teeth, while only those who can afford high quality orthodontia care, get their mangled teeth straighten. And if some really can't afford it, go into debt to pay for it? Let alone, the fact that the rest of the population has to look at the disadvantaged lack of orthodontia and dental care, assuming they have all their teeth. After all, we are in Arkansas, right?

All joking aside, Bailey's teeth are beautiful and every bit worth the financial sacrifice and time spent to afford her a beautiful smile. My only request is that she brush, floss, wear her retainer, and smile all the time. It makes me sad to see beautiful young children, who lack financial means that would give them back their smile and boost their self-esteem. One of my relatives lacked the momentary means as an adolescent to correct her teeth. Although to me, she was always beautiful, but it bothered her, and that was what mattered. In all of her childhood pictures, I have never seen one with a grin that showed her teeth. It wasn't until her early adult years, that she was able to get braces. She now has a beautiful smile that, for her, should have been in those pictures long ago.

So here's to 1 down and 6 to go. I can almost see that family portrait now. Oh, did I mention I was getting braces again? Yes, I did say again, didn't I? Bailey, you better wear your retainer! Remember, the key word is inflation, and it will be so much more expensive when you have to may for it as an older adult.

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De Anne said...

Rather than Bailey marrying an orthodontist, she should marry a family practice doctor :-)

She really does have a beautiful new smile. I remember how fun it was to see Addyson's smile when hers came off. I have two more this fall so we'll start this all over.