Saturday, September 26, 2009


KDA held a fundraiser for the KREW Dance Team today. A theater was rented out for a private viewing of FAME. For $ 2o.oo each, the girls got their movie ticket, popcorn, coke and an awesome T-Shirt. We had a huge turn out and the proceeds earned today, will fund the team's future competition and convention expenses, of which Carson, Camryn, and Payton are apart of. A few more fundraisers will be held throughout the year and I hope they will all be as successful as this. I certainly had a great time spending the day with the girls. In the picture you will see Bailey missing. She had prior commitments Walking for Cure!

Just a side comment about Fame for all of you parents out there. The dancing was wonderful to watch, but I am sad to say, that the move was not PG ,and it should have been PG-13. There was nothing explicit, but rather excessive teen language that was really not needed. It is sad to see that the rating system that was once designed to protect our children, is just a formality that is manifested by a letter and number. For true protection, parents are more and more, seeing a need to view movies before allowing their children to watch them. What was once considered R rated at the height of the original movie Fame, is now considered tame by today's standards. More evidence that the world in general is becoming de-sensitized to violence, language, and nudity with regards to all forms of media.

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