Sunday, October 11, 2009

Faux Pottery Barn Pumpkins!

I have to, have to , have to, share a fun project with you that my girls and I recently did this week. We are still not finished, because I ran out of felt and need 2 more Pumpkins! This project is super cheap and super fast and it is a great way for the kids to decorate their Pumpkins before they carve them a day or two before Halloween. Hello, we still live in the South and if you give into your kids whinning and carve them NOW, your Pumpkin will look like a prune before OCT. 31st is here. What am I talking about, I bet you are wondering. I promise, I am getting there!
I simply Love the Pottery Barn Halloween Kits, but didn't want to spend the Pottery Barn price for them, so I thought that I could make them myself. Being the procrastinator that I often am, I never did it. Then a great blog that I read weekly, did if for me. How lucky am I? Did I mention that my kids had a BLAST?

FYI, for those of you in the Bentonville area, Aldi's has pumpkins for $ 2.5o. Half the "oh, great one's" price. You in Arkansas, know what I am talking about, people.
So, if you like this and would like to do one visit:
There, you will find the original Pottery Barn Picture, templates for your faux ones, and a picture of what hers looks like finished. Super Cute. Be sure to send me pictures of yours. I would Love to see them.
Thank You Lindsey!


Living With Lindsay said...

Oh, they look great! Way to go!

marchio said...

they are lovely!