Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Love That Goofy Smile!!

Okay, I have been up since 5 a.m. with this little turkey. He won't go back to sleep. The morning was hetic, because all the kids were back in school and buses were running. Today was to be my turn to have 2 hours durning lunch time to myself. Aaron was going to come home and watch the kids. With the fussy baby and hetic morning rush, I completly forgot about my fun day out. I looked like death. Hair stuck up, workout outfit etc.. I am sure you get the picture. There was no way I could get ready, so I asked Aaron to take Emerson to McDonalds and I would try to get the baby down. Worn out, I asked the baby why he was doing this to me? Here was his reply, several times! In fact, he smiled so many times, I was able to get the camera and take it while holding him. Okay, it isn't the most attractive picture of him. It is way too close up and he looks distorted, but the SMILE! Enought to melt this tired momma's heart. He settled down at 12 noon for me. Emerson is napping, all kids are in school, and I have had 2 hours to blog! Life is great.

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