Saturday, July 18, 2009

Trip To The River

Arkansas had a wonderful suprise this week in the form of cooler weather. In fact, the weather has dropped this morning 20 degrees with much lower humidity. Aaron had planed to work in the yard today, but with this suprise, and the fact that 2 of the girls start school in less than 2 weeks, we decided to take advantage of some last minute fun.
Friends of ours were telling us about Macks Rock in Missouri, and that it used to be a fun place to swim and layout. Both of our families decided to pack a picnic lunch and head out to locate this spot. Instead of Macks Rock, we stumbled upon a campground that the church youth used for a girls camp the previous year. Hayden new all about it!

We found a perfect secluded spot at the back of the camp where the kids could have fun, the adults could chat without fear of kids wondering off, and the new baby had plenty of shade. Aaron went to the camp store, because he forgot mayo on his sandwich and to also find out how much the daycamp rented for. The man at the store told him that it was $3.00 a person. Aaron acted shocked and told the guy that his rates were killing him, because he had 7 children. The guy said you must be Latter-Day Saints. Aaron said yes, as a matter of fact, I am. The guy who owned the grounds told him that he was as well, and would give us the rate of $10.00, instead of $27.00. Whoohoo!

The kids loved the food, friends, finding rocks, crawfish, body surfing, and basking in the sun. Me, I loved seeing the smiles on my childrens faces, the sun filtering through the trees, feeling the sun on my face, and the cool breeze blowing by. What a wonderful day!
P.S. The Antique Vehicle with the canoe tide to the top of it, is not mine. I just got a kick out of it. Well, more than a kick. I couldn't stop laughing! Hope it makes you smile as well.

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