Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Doctor's Appointment

I had a doctor appointment today. I have had a miserable last week. I am guessing from all the antibiotics and medication. The baby is very low and all of the pressure and throwing up has caused...yes, TMI, hemeroids. That is why I was MIA at church Sunday. The thought of sitting, brought tears to my eyes. Please let this clear up before the baby is born!

I have not had these before. Well, I did have once after I delivered Emerson, but never with a baby pressing down!!!! My husband went with me to the doctor to help me walk. Poor Aaron. The doctor rain a urine test and once again found high white blood cells in my urine and said I was about as dehydrated as I could get. Well, du!!! I go to the bathroom every 5 minutes and throw up often! I am drinking lots of water...I guess just not enough to compensate. There was talk of IV treatment in the hospital, but I promised that I would get a jug of Metamucial...what is that anyway???? Sit with my feet up and drink lots of water, until the test come back. I hate hospitals.

The doctor also said that my cervix was very soft, but I was still only dilated between a 1 or 2. He wanted to do an ultrasound to see how everything looked. I was excited to see if the boy parts were still there. However, not only did Weston cover his parts with his foot, he covered his entire face with both arms. I was a little disappointed, but reassured that everything looked well. She could even see hair over his ears. I will laugh my head off if this baby has tons of hair, while all of our girls had barely any. The baby is weighing 5.5 pounds give or take, which is another very reassuring sign incase he is born a tad early.

So, here I sit, with my feet propped up, typing on the computer.....that is until I hear a crash, scream, cry of hunger or a diaper needs changing. One day, my house will recover even if my personal house...aka. body never does.


De Anne said...

Hang in there. You're almost done. Have the girls give you a pedicure and wait on you hand and foot. They'll appreciate it when they are pregnant.

Leslie said...

I would have taken the Doctor up on the IV fluids at the hospital. Metamucil is the stuff you mix into a drink to help you have "regular" bowel movements. It comes in powders and chews and ....who knows what other form by now. Hemorrhoids are the worst. Sorry! BTW- who is your DR?