Friday, February 20, 2009

Adding on to our home by two more feet

I felt like I should write this note to thank everyone for all of the kind well-wishes, and also to fill everyone in on a few minor details about why we kept this secret for so long. First, however, let me just say WOW!. I can still barely wrap my head around this.Aaron and I found out in early October that I was pregnant. I actually belive that the Lord let me know that another baby was to come to our family before we actually "tested" postive. My first reaction was to tell the Lord that " I was fine, thank-you very much and to leave it alone".

I had been seeing a doctor with minor female problems and trying diffrent birth control options to regulate menstral pain. We had discussed with the doctor tubligation and other options at that time as well. So you see, for me to become pregnant on birth control, was a long shot, but does happen. I know, I know!The week that I belive I concieved, was around the time of the Temple Trip. I really wanted to go to find peace and comfort. Aaron thought I was crazy! He said that there is no way that I was pregnant.

For many of you who don't know me very well, I suffer from a blood-clotting disorder that effects me when I am pregnant and should take blood thinners during my pre-pregnancy to prevent misscarriages. Yes, I have had 8 misscarriages and many during my second trimester. I also have horrible pregnancy where I am extremely sick and on medication to help, but the side effects are just as bad. I feel like I want to ride a broom! Not to mention most pregnancies, I dialate early and am usally on medicication/bed rest to prevent early labor.

Maybe you are now beginning to see the worries that I had about being able to handel this. Let alone, all of this was during the worst economomic time in our lifetime! We already had a huge family by many standards.I can remember kneeling in the temple and petitioning the Lord that if I was to have this baby, and belive me, I let him know that I was not happy about it, that I would do it willingly, but I needed help. I can remember asking for specific blessing that he help me mentally and physically carry this baby, that the baby would be healthy, and by having this child, it would not take from my other children, but would rather be a blessing to them.

We decided not to tell any family or friends until I was about to enter my third trimester. I can honestly say that life has been tought. I have be so sick that I could hardly see straight, but I can also say that I have felt the Lords presense daily. There is not a day that goes by, that I can't call on help from him, and I am somehow lifted and allowed to tend to my huge family. My husband and children have been wonderful. They knew something was wrong with mom, but thought is was "acid refux". LOL! I also have to say that I am grateful for modern technology, as it has been my lifeline keeping in touch with you all. I don't get out unless I have too!

As we were going to the ultra-sound, Payton asked me why I was going to see the dentist. I just let her belive that was where we were heading. We thought we would wait and tell as a family, once the kids got home from school. When she put the machine on my belly, Payton, who is 4, yelled "mom, you don't have teeth in your belly!" Not to much longer, she saw the movements in 4-D of the little baby on the flat screen TV and started clapping. She was so innocent and excited. When she found out it was to be a brother, she couldn't wait to tell her family and friends. Aaron is on cloud nine! We are not sure of a name, but one family member has already suggested that we call him Aaron Zackary Jones. It would be The Jones' from A-Z. Aaron is the beginning and Zack would be the end! We shall see. Can I just say...I just remindind myself, I have nothing boy! What are power ranger?


Darrell and Alissa said...

HOLY COW!!!! COngrats to you!! Hopefully this will be a little easier adn your body will cooperate- when are you due? I'm so excited for you guys- and in complette shock it's a BOY!!

KellyKelly said...

LOL! I can help you out with the BOY TOYS! LOL....We are stocked up! I am soooo excited about a boy! and seriously..Whats one more! It is nothing more than a blessing! The years may be tough when they are all little..but think of the joy when they are grown and have thier own families...Lots of exciting life ahead of you all! THis baby boy will be sooo spoiled and loved by all those girls! ;) I still can't believe I never caught on! You are to good Michelle! ;) Acid Reflux!

Leslie said...

Just found your blog. I am thrilled about the little guy headed your way! BTW- love the name Zachary. Did you know that our Zachary is Zachary Aaron?? Was it Payton that suggested the name? Zach misses Pey-pey and still asks to drive and visit her! Love ya Michelle!